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NOTE: The title has been changed
"Regaining REAL Morality..  ..Rebuilding Civilization"
"Gaining REAL morality ...  ..Leading Civilization"



Quick Summary

of what has become known as the AHM article being "Gaining REAL Morality (which has virtually nothing to do with sex) & Leading Civilization".

In italics are additional comments by the author elucidating what was not covered in the article.


Galloping new movement:-
  [1] Unites S A Nation  [2] Boosts Business Confidence
[3] Furthers the NDP [4] Improves Foreign Investor Perceptions &  [5] Signposts Way Forward

The Port Shepstone writer, having made clear that civilization is not about technology, nor about this or that religious persuasion but is about the civil, civic minded behaviour of all civilian citizens toward each other and all others and that the fundamental bedrock upon which it is built is REAL Morality, the essence of which is it's system of universal real values, being Life and Creation and the necessary system of universal interdependent values which support that; which universal values also supply the conditions of civilization universally needed by every person and every group, the writer notes that when this becomes widely understood it unites the whole nation, all groups, behind a common goal, being the first step which sets the direction. The article then reveals how this can be brought about very quickly, easily and at virtually no cost.

Noting that civilization's degree can be gauged by the extent of social ills and that globally civilization is in a mess, it reveals that the South African nation is very well placed to soon become The highly respected world leader in the rebuilding of civilization (which may surprise some people).   THIS IS NOT A JOKE

While human insecurity, greed, jealousy and foolishness always stand in the way, behaviour is changed by mounting peer pressure; and it was mounting peer pressure overseas that brought about the South African revolution so there is no reason we cannot do it, this time very quickly. (Within 12 months!)

Advancing, this movement unites the whole nation behind a common desired goal and produces enormous benefits to society not least of which is the fact that, when we know we all seek the same outcome, we then realise that when we disagree we cannot rashly presume the other side to be an enemy with bad motives, but know the other side merely disagrees with the effects and consequences of the proposed or violently demanded methods.   This obviates
antagonistic belligerence and enables rational, collaborative argument.  Human reactions are always the consequence of attitudes. The first step in changing antagonistic attitudes is to make everyone aware that everyone seeks the same dignified, prosperous, happy outcome for ALL our citizens. Then we can disagree as friends, allies, thoughtfully, with deepening understanding; and collaborative joint decisions become possible.A point also made is that punishment for current leaders malfeasance would be unfair, actually unjust, for they merely played the system as they perceived it to have been practised; though it must become well known that future malfeasance and extravagences will be very severely prevented and punished.

The new movement, as it becomes known, will grow & when growth is widely known will create economic enthusiasm, like a wind swept bush fire, giving a growing, uplifting boost to the NDP, local business confidence, the economy and improved perceptions overseas.

Only by reading this quick read article can one understand how this will indeed be brought about. "What the whole Nation united wants, the Nation will get." Such unity is certain because we ALL want the end result.

This self generating uniting movement is non-political and not politically connected but involves growing the support of everyone, all political parties, all groups, all religions, all races, all languages.

Press Release Issued by:- Allan Henry Munger, writer of the article and website owner.
AHM said, ". . . the article results from 55 years of thinking about it, then it wrote itself."
*A H M


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