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by Allan Munger
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Wiping out racism can be brought about and quite quickly, excepting that some politicians will stand in the way of that because they find the concept racism to be very useful to them,  as so too in the past politicians found it to be useful to them for it enabled them to use it to obtain popular support for suppressive stratagems.

Nelson Mandela spoke of having endured thousands of insults, but his great strength lay in his being wise enough to realise that when someone treats you badly for being black or brown or coloured, that person is not telling you something about yourself, whom he or she does probably not even know, but is telling you something about him/herself.

There is really no such thing as racism, there is only disgusting, contemptible small-mindedness. Fundamentally it was never a stratagem, never a campaign to suppress, IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN ONLY SMALL-MINDEDNESS.

The majority of early white settlers that came to this country were not wealthy, but were poor people with little or nothing. They came from a very hierarchical, class conscious society in England or Europe where they themselves were accustomed to being looked down upon. They arrived filled with trepidation, fear and anxiety into a brand new, amazing world where the indigenous people had a very, very different culture. Originally they walked around naked ! How shocking. !  So shocking that the newcomers hardly noticed that the indigenous people were, in terms of their social behaviour, in terms of what really matters, were, for the most part, highly civilized. They did not originally suffer drug abuse, including alcohol abuse and within the village and the sub tribe, even the greater tribe, did not have rape, the women were virgins when they married and every young man knew he would be killed for rape and even for seduction and they did not have women abuse, child abuse, or slavery.  Theft was not tolerated (although other tribes and foreigners, the white foam from the sea, were regarded as fair game).  The newcomers found that it made them, the settlers, feel more comfortable and more confident of themselves to look down upon the local people as being but primitive savages and therefore inferior, particularly when they found that newcomers who had arrived slightly before them also felt that. They did after all bring with them technological advancements.  So more missionaries were called for to help 'civilize' these poor savages. . . and the settlers enjoyed the feeling of being superior.  In some ways they were superior, in terms of education and a culture of technology, but in other ways they were not, for they also brought with them considerable social ills, a propensity to self deception and, in some case, dishonesty and in all cases a habit of intensely focused individual self interest, born of having been raised in cultures of intense competition and considerable hardship and unemployment. Most of the Indians who came to this country to work as labourers in the cane fields also had nothing and they too had suffered hardships, unemployment and intense competition, so they too had a habit of intensely focused self interest.

Lyricist and singer Kris Kristofferson wrote a song in which the main line was "Everybody needs somebody to look down upon". One cannot agree entirely with that. It is not everybody, it is some people, a great many.   All people must be treated respectfully.

How do we get rid of Racism ? There is only one way. Repeat: THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY. It is to strongly discourage the use of the term RACISM and replace it with the term SMALL-MINDEDNESS.  Consider the psychological effects. By calling what is nothing but small-mindedness "Racism" one confers upon it a certain ideological status, an abstract dignity, which it does not deserve.  By calling it racism one turns it into a big woolly, frightening, impossible to understand monster, but by calling it for what it really is, small mindedness, it is brought down to size, we can understand it and regard it with the contempt it deserves. Racism was never a stratagem, there was only small-mindedness though out of it grew some stratagems where racism was used as a vote winning excuse.

Then they will change: The whole population needs be made aware that there is only disgusting contemptible small mindedness. Some people find that looking down on others and even treating them with arrogant contempt makes them feel more comfortable, makes them feel superior in other words less inferior.  But it won't make them feel good when they realise that nationwide their manner and behaviour is regarded for what it really is, disgusting, contemptible small-mindedness.  Then they will change.

Tata Nelson Mandela had the answer: Treat racial slurs with the contempt they deserve and don't let such 'get' to you but simply ignore it and react with dignified good manners.  That turns the tables on the idiots.  Remember that whoever treats you with contempt by reason of your race or colour or language or religion or unknown reason, is not telling you anything about yourself but is revealing something contemptible about themselves.  Above all else make everyone realise that racism is a phantom, there is only disgusting, contemptible small-mindedness. When everyone starts referring to it for what it is, then it will stop.

You see the power of that Mandela method was that in refusing to let his emotions conquer him and have him stoop right down low to the level of the little insulter, but instead standing tall, remaining on the moral high ground, maintaining his good manners as if it had never happened, placed him in control.  The effect on the little rude insulter, whether he/she is aware of it consciously or only subconsciously, is that they feel guilty and ashamed of their behaviour and littleness. The elephant does not allow himself to be drawn into a quarrel with an ant, but strolls majestically by.

What is wrong with racism and every other anti-group-ism is that they all generalize. They make the claim that every member of a group suffers the same fault. That is always a false claim. In every group, whether of race, colour, language, religion or gender, the majority of people are decent good people. But every group has some who are stupid or lazy or dishonest or dishonourable or violent or irrational or bigoted or sociopathic. Every group. But the majority of every group are actually decent people. So you are no good because your great great grand parents came from India. You are no good because you are coloured. You are no good because you are white. You are no good because you are black. You are no good because you are a Muslim. You are no good because you are a Hindu. You are no good because you are a church going Christian. You are no good because you don't go to church. You are no good because you follow African Traditionalism. You are no good because you speak Afrikaans.  You are no good because you speak English. You are no good because you speak Fingo. You are no good because you are a Shangaan. You are no good because you are Zulu. You are no good because "you belong to that faction on the other side of the hill who have been killing us for three hundred years which is why we have had to spend three hundred years killing them". You are no good because you are of the Basutho. You are no good because you are Tswana. You are no good because you are of the wrong Tswana sub tribe. You are no good because you are poor. You are no good because you are not poor. You are no good because you are old.  You are no good because you are young. You are no good because you are a man. You are no good because you are a woman. You are no good because you are an Albino. What nonsense !  So come on children, this small minded nonsense has got to stop. Remember there is no group that has a monopoly on small mindedness. You find a minority of such people within every group, whichever way you look at it. The only consolation is that this is not just a South African problem but it is a Global problem.

Politicians and other power grabbers the world over are very often the creators of such gross generalizations. They are fond of finding any hairline crack in the inter group relationships of a nation and then hammering wedges into it to drive two sides apart. Then the politician stirs up the people on his chosen side, with highly emotional claims that the other side is to blame for everything, adds lies and wild exaggerations and endless propaganda all generalizing and making out that ALL the members of the other side are evil, useless, crooked, inhuman, not even human, cruel monsters. By dividing a house against itself the house is made to fall and politicians do it simply to get all the people on one side to vote for them. Secret intelligence agencies have long been known to do that within their own nations and also within other nations. They send agents in to BOTH sides to widen the rift and stir people into being more emotional, not thinking properly. Sometimes they supply information to BOTH sides and even supply arms to BOTH sides. Never in the whole history of the human race has a war been fought where the soldiers of BOTH sides did not all feel that what they were doing was right and good and done with the blessing of God.

Now it can take many generations and a great deal of effort to improve a any nations behaviour to the point where it needs no more improving.

It also takes a lot of very, very careful thought and a lot of effort to stop rabble-rousers causing all the nonsense they cause.

But the small mindedness which is at the bottom of what 'racism' really is, can be dealt with much more quickly, simply by calling it for what it really is. There are some who, privately, would proudly say that they are racist, but when it becomes well known that racism is in fact just disgusting, contemptible small mindedness, then they won't be able to proudly confess to being disgustingly, contemptibly small minded and then you will suddenly find there are no racists to be found anywhere in the country.  So the word racism should not be used. It's replacement is SMALL-MINDEDNESS.

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